Best Sunset in Oaxaca - Punta Cometa (And How To Get There)


No trip to Mazunte or the Zicatela area is complete without visiting this beautifully-wild eco park, Punta Cometa and getting to watch the best sunset in Oaxaca. Mesmerising views across the Pacific Ocean from this rocky cape makes the sweaty hour hike from Mazunte beach seem like a doddle. To witness the sunset you can choose to walk up to the cliffs to watch the sun go down over Oaxaca’s most southern point. We veered right along the path-less-tread down to the beach to take in the magic.


Getting to Punta Cometa from Puerto Escondido

From Puerto Escondido bus station take the bus that says Huatulco at the front. You can purchase a ticket right at the desk. Let the driver know you’re going to Mazunte and that you need to get off at San Antonio (this is advice, but we were pretty shy about speaking Spanish back then so we sat right at the front and kept an eye on our offline Google Map). Press the bell or shout ‘Pare’ once you reach San Antonio. You’ll know you’re at San Antonio cos’ you’ve been on the bus for about 30 minutes, you’re just before Potchutla on the map and there’s an intersection with a large OXXO. This is the last Oxxo you’ll see for a while. Cross the road and wait at the corner for a collectivo going in the direction of coastal Mazunte (or away from the motorway).

This sounds like a crazy journey, and we were quite nervous at the time but it was actually really straightforward as Mazunte is a popular destination for travellers seeking some calmer waves and peaceful vibes after Puerto.

Getting to Punta Cometa from Mazunte

Walk up Camino Mermejita and turn left on the track immediately after the cemetery. You’ll reach the community nature reserve entrance after 250m. If you have over an hour before sunset, take the right hand path marked Sendero Corral de Piedra Poniente. The trail winds down taking you across a small beach before reaching the point. If you’re a bit short of time, like us, take the central path for views across to Mazunte beach and you’ll be led across a grassy headland to the Punta.

Where’s your favourite place in the world to watch the sunset? Let us know in the comments.